Saturday, May 19, 2012

all of my favorites..

Today in Dortmund the weather is in the high 60's and it is sunny! Some are complaining about the weather being to warm, but I think it is perfect, especially compared to the hot temperatures back home! The past couple of days have been spent visiting with family and friends! I went out this morning to do a little last minute shopping while Oma and Tanta Anneliese went to the grocery store!

 Oma and I liked this building because of the music notes on the side and the church in the back ground! 

You never know what you will come across when walking through town! This guy on the piano was awesome! He needs to make his way to a talent show or something on t.v. 

This has been my favorite store! It is called Primark and has three stories of great stuff! Lets just say it is a good thing I do not live with in walking distance to this store back home, I would be broke all the time!

This has been my favorite meal since I discovered it a few days ago! A euro pita, it comes with onions but of course I just like it plain!

A little Zumba outside never hurt anyone, but the guy in the back was still working on learning his moves!

Rolf brought us another torte today! For some reason he always knows exactly what I like!

Not to toot my own horn, but I brought Tanta Anneliese some flowers today! They were very pretty if I do say so myself.

Karlheinz picked us up and took us to a park that over looks Dortmund. It has lasted through several wars and has three statues of people from Germany's history! It was such a nice view!  

 After we had dinner at their house, I felt so bad that I hadn't put a picture with Christel up yet, so I made her take one with me! And then we got out the old photo albums! This was my favorite, Jordan and Glenn about 20 years ago.

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