Monday, May 21, 2012

only one more day..

 Last night Oma and I made a quick Starbucks trip! Wearing a Guy Harvey t-shirt and Toms I realized how American I looked! I have only seen one other person with Toms here and she was from America as well! 
Since the past couple of days we have had great weather, the streets are always full with people and sometimes it can be hard to find a table outside of the restaurants! 

Today we went to Karstadt (which is kind of like a Belks or JC Pennys) and look around a little bit. The second floor had a candy and chocolate section! There was a whole aisle full of Haribo gummies! But the chocolates where my favorite to look at!

This afternoon we went to a visit a friend. Her house looked like it was taken from a magazine! Her style is Shabby Chic from the time you walk in the door to the very back of her garden! Everything looked like it had never been touched and the carpet had never been walked on! She assured us however that her husband can make himself very comfortable on the couch to watch tv or just hang out! 

This was probably my last kaffee und kuchen here in Germany! We had an apple cake and coffee outside in her garden!

Oma loved the colors of these flowers, so we had to snap a quick picture!  

 Ever since I went to a garden show a few months ago with my mom, I have had a thing for succulents! I just love them and can not wait to get home to check on mine! I have seen alot of them around Germany, I even tried to buy some to take home, but Oma wouldn't let me!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! So glad y'all had such a wonderful time. Before you know it you will be back at home. Enjoy your last day.