Wednesday, May 16, 2012

just around town!

The last couple of days we have been resting up for our last weekend here! It's hard to believe we have been here for two weeks already! This time next week we will be on that air plane headed home! Oma and I did a little strolling around town today and yesterday. We visited a long friend of Oma's last night and had dinner with some relatives tonight! Tomorrow we are headed to the Rhine River! 

Oma worked in this building for several years when she lived here. It use to be some sort of sandwich/soda shop! Now it is a cell phone store. Everything in Germany has changed since the last time Oma was here! They are currently doing some construction right outside our window since Germany recently converted to mainly underground transportation instead of the street cars!

Karstadt is a huge department store here in Germany! It has everything you could ever need! It is several stories high and has a couple buildings scattered around the city! I believe Oma said that my cousin Barbel worked here when she was younger as well.

 Living statues have always been my favorite; drop a little money in their jar and they will move!
 This one is for Becky and Kimberly! There is an apple store right under our apartment! I would get you a souvenir from here, but I don't think anything from there was in my spending budget for y'all!  

 A little rain while shopping never hurt anyone! That just meant we had to find a good store to spend some extra time in! 

This was the English section in the book store! I was thinking about picking up a book to read but decided to stick with reading on my Iphone; there is a little bit more of a selection on there! 

Wednesday is market day here in Dortmund! My favorite booths were the one's with flowers! How could you not pick up a fresh bouquet to take home with you!? I could definitely get use to having pretty flowers to come home to everyday!

 They have everything from fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, and even purses! Oma and I picked up some strawberries and oranges to take home with us!
Mmm! A cheery tort and lots of other yummy treats! Ellen, Karlheinz's sister, invited us over for coffee and cake or "kaffee und kuchen" as we call it here in Germany! We also had dinner at her house! I had duck for the first time; I think I'll just take chicken to eat from the bird family!

I always feel like I don't have anything to blog about when it comes time, but it never fails I can fill up the page rather quickly! What can I say, I am my mother's daughter; for ever picture I post on here, I probably have 50 more that I didn't! And it especially helps having an Iphone with a good camera! Anyways we have a busy weekend ahead of us so time to get some rest! Tschus, Schlaf gut!

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  1. That was Cousin Barbel. Ellen's siter that worked there. Love these posts. Will that green chair fit in the extra suitcase?